Part 5: Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

It’s been more than 6 months since the Coronavirus Pandemic began seriously impacting business and consumer behaviors. As things have progressed, it has become apparent that this virus isn’t going away anytime soon. So, your business must adapt to this new normal to survive. Furthermore, with good marketing and business strategies, you can thrive!

In Part four of our COVID-19 Series, we explain the importance of focusing on digital marketing efforts and the need to offer online services with methods that wow your consumer.

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Survey Says: Online Wins

A June 2020 CMO Survey weighed the responses of 274 marketing professionals over a three-week period, from May 5 through May 27, 2020. The participants represent a varied range of sectors — including retail, technology, manufacturing, banking, and healthcare, as well as several other industries.

Here are some key findings:

  • Consumers have all but abandoned in-person marketing engagement.
  • They are far more open now to digital offerings.
  • Customers place more value on digital experiences than before the pandemic.
  • Prior to purchase, customers are doing more research online.
  • Purchasing is down and when they do buy, customers are less willing to pay full price.
  • More people see and acknowledge company outreach efforts, social activism, and good works.

Marketers believe it will be between 6 months and a year before customers loosen their purse strings to pre-pandemic levels. But, they expect the love of digital engagement and online experiences to stick around. That means it’s time to up your digital marketing efforts.

Embrace Digital Marketing

Even pre-COVID-19, digital marketing was an essential tool for businesses. Want a refresher on the many benefits of taking your advertising and marketing from old school to online? Contact Search Advantage Marketing to request our informative eBook, “Why Adopting Digital Marketing is Vital for Leads & Business Success: Online vs. Old School.”

Regardless of whether you’re new to online marketing or you already have some form of digital marketing plan in place, you can benefit from taking a more robust approach. The first step is to learn where you stand with your existing strategies and online presence. That way you can get a handle on your strengths and weaknesses, revealing where you should focus. Start with a personalized website SEO audit to measure the effectiveness of your website.

Once you have an optimized website, you can move on to marketing that efficient site, which helps increase sales. A mix of organic efforts and paid advertising can yield the best results. To that end, consider social media marketing, content creation, and paid search and display ads. Along with a professionally designed website, these are the building blocks of a well-rounded, strong digital marketing strategy.

Give Your Customers the Best Digital Experiences with Online Engagement

Remember, that CMO survey also highlighted customer digital experiences. This is another area that has been growing in popularity even before the coronavirus. Now, with the decline in offline shopping, it’s become more important to the average consumer. They’re looking for ways to engage virtually with products, services and companies, without leaving home.

Look for our next blog for more on customer engagement and staying in touch with your communities. Meanwhile, don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust. Take your digital marketing to the next level with our team. We’re here to help — reach out today.