Build Custom Location Pages for Top Conversions

Times are still incredibly uncertain for both small business owners and consumers. Holiday season coupled with the surging pandemic makes commerce challenging. But there are ways you can help your business and your customers through targeted online marketing tools. A great example is the location page.

What is a Location Page?

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A location page is a landing page that focuses on highlighting a particular city or location along with the company’s products or services that would be useful to people in that location. They’re designed to convert leads into purchases.

Multiple Location Example

A law firm has two law offices, one in Denver and one in Colorado Springs. They produce at least two targeted location pages for those office locations. Local SEO marketing helps these pages rank for “Denver law firms” and “Colorado Springs Law firms” along with other keywords for their legal practice areas. Additionally, individual location pages for surrounding areas they service may be a good idea, as well.

Single Location

An HVAC company in Carrolton, Georgia, specializes in emergency services and air conditioner services. They create two location pages – “24-Hour HVAC services in Carrolton, GA” and “Carrolton, Georgia, AC specialists” to attract local business. It’s a way to highlight the services provided in a particular location.

Location Promotion

A furniture store in Houston, Texas, offers six-month-same as cash deals on purchases over $1,200. This calls for a location page that spotlights the city and the deal. The “Same as Cash Financing for your new furniture purchase in Houston, TX” is specifically targeted to the Houston location and provides offer details and CTA’s to encourage consumer action.

Pairing your location pages with PPC ads is a great way to maximize your campaign dollars, encourage conversions, and track marketing analytics.

Is This Type of Local SEO still relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic?

You’ve no doubt heard and read about consumers embracing online shopping over in-store purchases – nearly two-thirds of consumers report this preference. We’ve also discussed shifting consumer behaviors here on our blog. Plus, while most U.S. non-essential spending is still down, consumers are overwhelmingly open to change. And the move to digital purchasing is evident.

But these evolving consumer behaviors aren’t limited to receipt of their purchases via shipping only. Delivery and curbside pick-up are also growing in popularity. Moreover, many retail experts expect this convenient shopping option to be around for the long term. The demand for in-store appointments and virtual appointments is also surging.

These shopping preferences demonstrate that customers aren’t abandoning local businesses – they’re just changing the way they use their services and purchase their products. So clearly, targeted local SEO is essential for business success, now and for the foreseeable future. Carefully crafted location pages support your local marketing efforts.

Location Pages that Convert

Research, know-how, SEO experience, and a complete understanding of your target audience are necessary to create successful location pages. Google analytics can help with the required research and provide valuable audience insight. Well-written meta titles and descriptions can help generate rich snippets for your page in Google search results.

5 Top Location Page Tips

  1. Always include a clear, easy-to-find call-to-action.
  2. Create copy that spotlights the benefits and value of your promotion, services, products and/or brand
  3. Create copy that specifically targets that location.
  4. Provide all the essential information your audience needs to make a purchasing decision or take the next step on the buyer journey via your CTA.
  5. Include a clickable contact number.
  6. Optimize your landing page for mobile.

If you’re in need of SEO services for your website with professionally researched and well-crafted location pages, reach out today. Our web development experts and content marketing creatives are eager to help you convert leads to sales.

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