Digital Engagement With Your Customers Will Set You Apart

In our last segment — Part 5: Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts — we reviewed a recent CMO Survey on changing consumer behaviors in response to the Pandemic. Participant responses showed that companies need to improve their digital engagement to meet consumer demand.

Other key findings revealed the value of enhancing your customer engagement strategies and energizing your community outreach. As part of our COVID-19 Series, we’ll dive into those key objectives.

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Taking Customer Engagement Virtual

A growing number of customers either can’t or won’t come into your store or business. They prefer to conduct business online. But that doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice the personal touch. Nor do they wish to give up the chance to build a relationship with the companies they interact with and patronize.

This means you need to reach out to your customer base online and engage them virtually, rather than face-to-face. If you can’t meet these demands, know that some of your competitors will. So, it’s in your best interest to give the customers what they want through your digital engagement efforts.

Technology is rising to the occasion with many innovative engagement tools. Here are just a few examples.

3D Shopping

From “trying on” clothes to “walking through” a hotel room, virtual 3D shopping experiences help customers make their purchasing decisions from afar. 3D product imaging gives shoppers up close views of nearly every facet of the product they’re considering. Take that a step further with AR Room Planner software. This lets online shoppers see furniture and other products in their homes before buying.

Virtual Events

Host online exhibitions and presentations or spotlight your company’s influencer via an online event tool. Live stream an in-person gathering to allow more attendees with an online portal — Instagram Live is a great tool. You can also track the effectiveness of your Instagram efforts.

Promote audience engagement with other interactive features. Use chat. Hold a Q&A session or create a survey or poll. Adding gamification may encourage more participation. These elements include quizzes, puzzles, trivia, and prizes.

AI Chatbots

Keeping customers engaged requires great customer service. Chatbots can improve on that. With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, these advanced chatbots deliver quick, responsive service. They provide availability around the clock and help solve customer issues with little delay. That’s integral to your digital engagement and customer satisfaction.

Do Good. It Helps Everyone.

In the survey referenced above from our last blog, the data also addressed the impact of good deeds by commercial enterprises. Consumers are increasingly recognizing the efforts of companies to “do good”. Paired with a desire to buy from businesses they deem trustworthy and that share their values, this acknowledgement of community outreach and good works may influence buying decisions.

Take that into account when considering what your business can do to put your stated beliefs and mission statement into action. Are you already actively doing good? Do you support a charity or local initiative? Maybe you spearheaded a food drive or donated products or services to local needy residents. Now that your customers are more receptive than ever, give them updates on what you’re doing to help. Be transparent and authentic.

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