12 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

No one can deny that 2020 was a tumultuous year. Because of that, a lot of consumer behaviors, marketing focus, and business performance evolved in several different ways. But as 2021 gets rolling, it’s time to look forward to the upcoming marketing trends for your business. Some of the 2020 transformations are here to stay, while many classic digital marketing trends will continue to add value, with some tweaks.

1. Brand and Company Focus Continues to Evolve

Brand accountability and purpose-driven marketing are key for businesses this year. Companies need to be authentic and transparent with their branding, mission, and community involvement.

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

2. Influencer Marketing and Consumer Brands Get Closer

Consumers are increasingly enamored of influencers. They trust their reviews and recommendations. So, consider partnering with a social media influencer that meshes with your branding and products to help boost sales.

3. Live-Streams and Video Content Rise in Popularity

In-person events aren’t yet back to pre-pandemic levels, nor do we expect them to be for several months. So, consumers turn to live stream and videos instead. Give them the content they’re seeking to increase business visibility.

4. Consumers Call For More Interactive Content

Again, because most people are still limiting face-to-face interactions, it’s vital that you give them more interactive content to boost engagement. You can turn to AI and AR tools, but don’t forget the simple approaches too, like quizzes and contests.

5. Data Visualization is in Demand

Adoption of cloud technology, AI, data analytics, and other tech advancements is growing. Be sure to embrace these new paths so your business isn’t left behind.

6. Companies Must Boost Data Security

Unfortunately, tech has it’s dark side, too. Security breaches, ransomware, hacking, and other online security problems have been on the rise. That means your business needs to review your security protocols, adopt top-level tools and reassure your customers that you’re doing everything possible to protect their data.

7. Hybrid Marketing Events are on the Rise

While online events and tele-meetings are here to stay, in-person events and interactions won’t disappear completely. Most businesses will look to hybrid approaches that combine both options for business success.

8. Increased Focus on Customer Experience

Customer experience has been a key metric for several years, and it will continue to be vital during 2021. But companies must use more innovative techniques to deliver top customer experiences – often from a distance. Tech tools can help.

9. Environmental and Sustainability Responsibility Takes a Front Seat

Many companies find themselves answering to consumers about waste and sustainability. More people are focusing on how our actions and consumerism impacts the environment. Businesses must show that they’re being responsible in this area.

10. Voice Search Keeps Growing

A growing number of consumers and households are using Virtual Assistants, like Alexa and Google Assistant. With that in mind, you need to ensure that you offer voice search options to help customers find your business and its products and services.

11. Podcasts are an Attractive Marketing Tool

Podcasts are booming. Consumers find they’re a convenient way to stay updated and learn new things while they’re on the go or at home taking care of various tasks. Companies can use podcasts to boost their audience and sales.

12. Google Listings and Local SEO is Still Gaining Traction

Local SEO continues to be a vital part of digital marketing for companies who rely on a local customer base. Plus, new technology helps deliver more accurate information to consumers looking for products and services near them.

These are just a few of the marketing trends your business should concentrate on for the new year. Need some guidance in learning about others and applying these tools, tips and trends for business growth in 2021? Reach out to Search Advantage Marketing for skilled and experienced digital marketing services.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels