It’s Time to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you include “Claim and optimize my company’s Google My Business (GMB) listing”? It’s not too late! Plus, since this tool is a vital part of any complete digital marketing strategy – you can’t afford to ignore it.

Google My Business Essentials

Last fall, we introduced you to Google My Business Listings with a short blog overview. As a quick refresher, these listings are free online directory listings that help potential customers find your business. Claiming your GMB listing is a must-do! But you must also optimize your listing to ensure it’s doing everything possible to help market your business. Let’s look at some vital features and related tools you will need to work with.

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Contact Information

Consistency and accuracy are key, especially if your business already had a listing and you have just recently claimed it. Carefully review info about your business’s address, phone number, hours of operation, etc., and make any necessary changes.

Business Hours

Always remember to make edits to your GMB listing if your business hours change. This may be due to holiday schedules, seasonal changes, or the impact of COVID-19.

Category and Attributes

Choose a specific and accurate category for your business so consumers are sure to find you when they’re looking for exactly what you offer. Select secondary categories too if it applies to your business. Then select any factual attributes (like “outdoor seating,” “pets welcome,” and “curbside service”) to help accurately describe your business. Don’t forget to draft a “from the business” description to highlight fresh information that sets you apart. Use relevant keywords.

Visual Content

Add quality images and video of your business,office activities, and brand on a regular basis. This tells Google you’re keeping your profile up-to-date. Plus, customers are more likely to engage with companies that have visual content in their GMB listing.

Google Posts

Work on consumer and customer engagement through GMB posts. Spotlight events, specials, sales, and community activities. Be brief but add photos and calls-to-action to your posts for better engagement.


Let consumers know about important changes with the Announcements feature. Notify customers about stock fluctuations, shipping delays, temporary closures, and other key issues.


Consumers use reviews and ratings to make decisions regarding your business. So, encourage happy customers to leave reviews on your listing. Consider offering incentives for timely reviews. Respond to all posted reviews — both positive and negatives — as soon as possible. Although you’re not able to remove negative reviews, responding positively goes a long way in assuring your other customers that you are taking all feedback into consideration.

Additional Information

Some other sections that need attention include “products and services,” “customer messaging,” and the “Q&A” section. With the Q&A feature, you can boost customer engagement, preemptively answer FAQs, and help ensure accuracy. Since anyone can submit answers in this section, set up an alert so that you can quickly address any erroneous replies.

Google Maps Marketing

You’ll need to optimize your Google Maps listing as well to help both that listing and your GMB listing rank well on SERPs.


GMB Insights are a valuable tool that provides helpful data on consumer interaction with your GMB and Google Maps listings. Use it!

Knowledge Panels

Keep your knowledge panel in mind while working on your GMB listing since it’s a valuable Local SEO tool.

Our Google My Business listing experts know their stuff when it comes to helping customers grow their businesses through Local SEO. So, why not jump-start your marketing efforts for 2021 with our GMB Listing Optimization Services? There’s no time like the present to get started!

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