Google My Business Ranking – Why It’s Important

Today, we’re talking about Google My Business ranking and why it’s important to you. Do you know you can rank your business online using Google maps by claiming or setting up a Google My Business listing? It’s free and it’s an easy way to improve your Google My Business rankings. Advertising your business online is what matters today. So, have you claimed your Google My Business listing yet? You need to today so you don’t totally miss the mark with how businesses market themselves today.

Google’s Passion – Create the Best User Experience

Google’s passion is to create the best user experience online, so Google wants to list your business so you will show up on the map for people who search on Google. It’s as simple as that.

Google has tried to level the playing field as much as possible by adding Google My Business listings for as many businesses as possible. You do nothing! If Google can find your business, it has been added. All you have to do is claim it and optimize it.

But sometimes, Google doesn’t find all the businesses. For example, there is a laundromat in located near my home, but I drove right by that laundromat to go to another one located five miles further away because I had used Google maps to locate the nearest laundromat. Why wasn’t that nearby laundromat on Google maps? Because Google didn’t know it was there. That’s why you need to look to see if your business has a listing and claim it. If it doesn’t, set up a Google My Business listing so it can rank on Google maps. (Update: Google found that nearby laundromat, but the owner still hasn’t claimed it.)

Claim Your Google Map Listing! It’s Free!

The question then becomes, is it important to claim your business’s Google maps listing AKA Google My Business account? YES! Taking ownership of and optimizing your Google My Business account is an easy way to make a BIG SPLASH online without worrying about optimizing your website. In other words, if you don’t claim your business listing in Google, you will be forfeiting an easy way to get your name advertised on the internet without much effort.

What can a Google My Business Listing Do for My Business?

Why is setting up a Google My Business listing important? In addition to displaying your business prominently on Google maps for your customers driving by, when you click on your listing, Google shows your address, phone number, hours of operation, and categorizes your business according to what you do. All you have to do is claim the listing, verify the information and add more information, like interior and exterior pictures, pictures of your staff, etc. It is really amazing how much information Google allows you to put in your Google listing for FREE!

Don’t have time or need help? We can claim your Google My Business listing and get you started with improving your Google My Business rankings today!

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You Can Market Online Without Hiring an Expert

But, you say, “Online advertising is too expensive. I can’t afford my website to be optimized by an SEO expert and I certainly can’t afford pay-per-click (PPC) advertising!” What you don’t realize is that Google is all about providing the best user experience and that means showing the most relevant business to its users. And if your business is located nearby the user, Google wants to show you!

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