Free Google My Business Features Are Important to Your Marketing Strategy!

As a business, your objective is to attract customers and drive revenue, and Google search is a great way to do this. However, many small businesses new to search engine optimization don’t realize that the world of SEO goes far beyond simply writing high quality content on their website. For those who truly want to gain an advantage on their competition, Google Maps optimization via your Google My Business (GMB) listing can be a great way to do this. Google provides many great features that will boost your local business to the next level.

Why Google My Business Makes a Difference

In an effort to dominate the world of search engines, Google has spent significant time and energy embellishing the marketing opportunities it provides to businesses. Google My Business is arguably the most significant of these new capabilities, allowing companies to essentially create business pages for themselves within Google that web users can use to get information, ask questions, and leave reviews. The platform offers several key advantages over the competition, making it a must-have for any business with sights set on growth.

Free Advertising

Few things in life are free – but Google My Business is one of them. It’s a completely free way to build out a business profile through the most used search engine in the country. With the ability to add photos, business information like address, phone number, and hours of operation, respond to reviews, and communicate with customers with absolutely no investment on your part, participating in GMB is truly a no-brainer. Not all customers will want to go to your website immediately, but seeing a strong Google My Business profile with additional details can greatly increase these odds.


Reviews are among the most important aspects of any business’ position online. Accepted with roughly the same confidence as word of mouth recommendations, online reviews can make or break whether a customer is willing to take a chance on a new business. When a business has a good number of highly rated reviews, consumers are more likely to make a positive purchasing decision.

Regardless of the review – good, bad, or neutral – your response is critical. Acknowledging praise, apologizing for poor experiences, and noting suggestions can show that you care, and that’s something customers like to see.

S.A.M. makes getting these review easy. Contact us for more information about using a QR code with your Google My Business listing to encourage customer reviews.

Questions and Answers

For some consumers, purchase decisions aren’t made hastily. They may have questions about pricing, products, or services that can’t easily be answered with standard website content. The question and answer feature on GMB, however, makes it easy for curious customers to reach out.

If you choose to use this feature – and it’s highly encouraged that you do! – prompt responses need to be a priority. Set up an alert and be sure to get back to each question within a few hours if possible. Customers who can’t get the information they want are likely to move on to someone else.

Text Message Communication

Ever wished your customers could text you questions? Now they can. GMB allows customers to submit messages through your Google My Business profile. Instead of sitting in an inbox somewhere, these messages are then sent right to your cell phone for immediate response times. While the burden of being constantly at the mercy of customers around the clock may feel a little weighty, this can be a big benefit for businesses that value building customer relationships.

Google offers plenty of ways to build a presence online, and Google My Business features take this to the next level. With Google Maps optimization using avenues like reviews, questions and answers, and text message communications, businesses can expand listings, provide valuable information to customers, and stay consistently connected to prospective buyers.

If you want a great GMB profile that speaks to your business, Search Advantage Marketing is here for you. Learn more about our Google Map Listing optimization services or drop us a line today to learn more about how we can help you create a winning online presence.

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