Google’s Featured Snippets: How They Help Consumers and Your Business

Are you a business owner, CEO, or in another position where you’re responsible for or invested in your organization’s online marketing and branding? If so, by now you understand the importance of ranking high on Google with organic search engine optimization techniques and paid digital advertising strategies. But are you aware that there are features and tools — like featured snippets — that can help boost your efforts to get more eyes on your website?

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Searching for Excellence

People use search engines to find answers. They’re looking for data, news and other information on a virtually limitless range of topics, subjects and issues. They use Google for these searches because Google delivers highly accurate and relevant search results with reliable consistency and minimal advertising clutter.

Google stays at their number one spot as the most used search engine worldwide by being the best. They work ceaselessly on delivering increasingly higher quality results. They constantly review and update their search algorithms with the primary focus being on user experience and satisfaction. Featured snippets are the natural result of this dedication to giving users exactly what they want by providing quality search results quickly and efficiently.

What are Google’s Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets address popular questions related to users’ search queries. These snippets are small segments of text that answer a question as concisely as possible. Google pulls their featured snippets from the pages of websites that rank highly for relevant keywords in the queries.

Appearing in boxes below paid ads and above organic results, featured snippets are in Position 0 above the traditional 1st position for organic search results. Snippets include a page link to the full content, which enjoys an 8% click-through-rate (CTR), according to Search Engine Land.

How Can Featured Snippets Help My Business?

Because snippet boxes are in a desirable position near the top of the search engine results pages (SERP), they’re viewed more often earning them impressive click-through-rates. HubSpot says they may even double the CTR of an already top-ranking web page. In addition to these clear SEO benefits, featured snippets can also direct the attention of a potential buyer to your website.

As we mentioned above, people use Google to find answers. Sometimes, the information they’re seeking is about businesses, products and services. But often, they want to learn more about a topic before making a purchasing decision. By positioning your company as an authority on the subject with a featured snippet, you may gain consumer trust. Guess who they think of when they’re ready to buy?

Here’s a simple example:

A homeowner wants to paint their interior walls. But they’re looking for something with more aesthetic appeal and impact than a traditional paint job. The aspiring painter types “faux painting techniques” into Google’s search bar. The featured snippet on the SERP describes sponging a countertop. If they want to see more, the user clicks-through to the website with the full article on “15 Faux Painting Techniques.”

The website belongs to a company that sells paint. The True Value blog covers several painting techniques, describing how to recreate them with their products. They give the prospective customer valuable information on a subject of interest as well as a reason to purchase products from them when the consumer is ready to buy. Their featured snippet position is working hard for that company.

How Can I Get a Featured Snippet?

This positioning takes skill, know-how and hard work. Our knowledgeable team has been successful in helping some of our clients show up in the SERP Position 0 location with featured snippets. Contact Search Advantage Marketing to discuss your SEO goals and how we can help your website rank better.