Humanizing Your Brand on Social

Brand identity is a very important element of positioning a business in the marketplace. Humanizing your brand influences everything, from perception within an industry to customer trust, creating the foundation upon which customer relationships are built. While some businesses prefer a friendly, casual, and open vibe that caters to Millennials and Gen Z, others maintain a reserved, professional attitude that conveys responsibility and prestige. 

In spite of the importance of branding, there’s long been a disconnect between a brand and its customers. The human connection has historically been lacking, with no way to give a community a peak at the “man behind the curtain”. However, social media can do this, providing a way to communicate and share more than ever before. This is what the role of social media in business branding can accomplish.

Photo by from Pexels

An Inside Look

When your company makes posts about internal operations, responds to comments, shares videos, or goes live within your office, you’re effectively tearing down the wall that divides you and your customers. This inside peek into how your business runs, how your office functions, and who handles everything from making executive decisions to keeping the website up and running adds a deeply humanizing touch to your bran.

Customers rarely associate a company’s name and logo with a friendly face, but social media gives you an avenue to make that happen. By giving customers a look into what truly defines your business – and not just nice quotes from people at the top of the pyramid – you can add a valuable human element to your business.

Creative Marketing Opportunities

Social media opens the door to creative marketing, providing a way to reach out to customers and consumers in order to add names, faces, and identities.

Any entity is a sum of its parts, and that includes companies. For customers to see and understand these parts, you need to show them through the opportunities only social media makes available. Take advantage of this kind of casual connection space to manage tasks like:

  • Adding faces to banners, promotional ads, in videos, and anywhere else it makes sense to feature a person rather than simply a company name or logo
  • Highlighting corporate culture, like emphasizing unique events or activities that define your business or features that make your workplace unique
  • Creating images and video marketing that showcase your business personality
  • Keeping posts, banners, and cover photos fluid by changing things up with every change of season or for every important company event

Enhanced Customer Engagement with Content

Engagement is a key part of social media marketing in a way that traditional marketing can’t touch. When using social media, you can respond to customer queries, post interactive content like polls or contests, and use content to provide additional insight.

The content you share should also add a human touch to your operations. By focusing on both providing useful information as well as the personal side of business, you can better appeal to what customers want to know. Consider humanizing your brand with content that includes:

  • Interviews with employees
  • Information about news and developments within your organization
  • Opinion articles
  • Event invitations followers can attend, either in person or virtually
  • Fun facts and corporate trivia
  • Coverage, including photos and videos, of charity and company-specific events

Humanizing your brand is an important part of success in the marketplace. By giving customers a personality to which they can connect versus a nameless, faceless corporate logo, you can better appeal to their emotions as a consumer.

If you want to make sure you’re best taking advantage of the role of social media in business, Search Advantage can help. Let us show you how to take your brand from corporate to consumer-focused by leading you to put a face on your company.