Knowledge Panels: Optimizing Local Search Business Tools

When web visitors are searching for your business online, the associated knowledge panel is a valuable source of information and a helpful marketing tool. While your Google knowledge panel isn’t the same thing as your Google My Business (GMB) listing, the two are very closely linked. In fact, an efficient method of claiming and optimizing your business knowledge panel is with a GMB account. But what exactly is a knowledge panel and how can it help with your local marketing efforts? Get the facts.

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What is a Knowledge Panel?

Online searches for specific people, places, events, and organizations generate panels filled with the information that’s publicly available about the searched entity. These knowledge panels appear on the upper right section of the search engine results page (SERPs).

Both Google and Bing create and display knowledge panels. The information is pulled from the search engines’ knowledge graphs. These data sources are an amalgamation of collected and connected information gathered across the web.

Google refers to your knowledge panel as a business profile, and it includes many of the essentials that a profile requires. Some common components include the following information about your organization:

  • Name
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Website button link
  • Operating hours
  • Your logo
  • Photos and videos about your business
  • Maps with your business location
  • Customer reviews
  • Social media links
  • The products and services you offer

This useful data along with additional, more promotional information can help convince interested consumers to visit your website, learn more about your business, contact you or visit your physical business.

How can a Knowledge Panel Help Your Business?

If someone is online searching your company name, they’re likely already somewhat aware of and interested in you. Now, they want to know whether your business is one they want to patronize.

Reliability, trustworthiness, an established reputation, transparency, and accessibility. These are all attributes that consumers seek and consider when choosing to do business with someone, shop at a store, or support an organization. A fully optimized knowledge panel can provide evidence of all these qualities for your business.

How to Get Your Own Knowledge Panel

A Google knowledge panel may already exist for your business. If that’s the case, you can claim it. Start with the “Claim this knowledge panel” button at the bottom of the box. You’ll be directed to another page to verify who you are. Once you’ve completed this step, you can make changes to your knowledge panel, update and correct the information displayed, and add more data.

However, the more likely scenario is a missing knowledge panel for your business. The best way to increase your chances of getting Google to generate one is through your GMB listing. If you haven’t created one yet, it’s past time to correct this oversight. This free online business profile is instrumental to SEO and your overall online marketing strategy.

Once you’ve added a GMB listing, you and your marketing team can start working on improving the ranking for your listing and your Google Maps presence. It’s also important to include accurate and thorough information about your business all across the internet. That includes your business listings, the “About Us” section of your website, information on your social media profiles, and any other sites where you can make changes to update the available data.

A fully optimized local knowledge panel is a vital part of your business marketing strategies. Don’t neglect or minimize its importance. For support, guidance, and help getting started, turn to the marketing pros at Search Advantage Marketing. Drive your business to new heights with our team!

Photo by Jiří Mikoláš from Pexels