Part 8: Try Out New Marketing Approaches Focused on Your Customers’ Changing Needs

With the onset of fall and the start of the final quarter of 2020, come the warnings of more virus infections via a third wave. All signs point to many more months of life with the looming threat of COVID-19 as a constant. We aren’t trying to be all gloom and doom, here. The point we’re making is that businesses must adapt to shifting consumer values and habits if they are going to survive the pandemic.

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Over the past six months, we’ve offered insight, suggestions, actionable steps, and marketing advice in this Coronavirus Marketing series. In this installment, let’s look at how you’re promoting your products and services to consumers through your marketing content.

Selling a Lifestyle through Aspirational Marketing

Are you a lifestyle brand? It’s not just for luxury items. Travel and leisure, health and wellness, fitness, fashion, green living, technology, banking, beverages, and the automotive sector are just a few examples of the industries that embrace aspirational marketing to sell a lifestyle to promote their brands.

With this approach, you appeal to your audience’s desire to belong, to enjoy a desirable lifestyle. It’s an emotional appeal based on how your products or services make consumers feel, rather than how they specifically benefit them.

You might wonder whether this marketing style is falling out of favor due to the pandemic. Not entirely. Instead, there’s been a shift towards what the aspirational lifestyle goals are. The focus is no longer solely on luxury, exclusivity, and possessions. In these uncertain times, other concepts take priority — safety, health, vitality, financial security, family, homelife, even altruism.

A recent Accenture survey found that half of the consumers surveyed named financial security among their top three priorities. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents preferred socializing at home to going out. Plus, preparing meals at home and engaging in DIY home improvement projects are still growing in popularity.

This means you need to review and reevaluate your approach to lifestyle marketing. Try adjusting your message to reflect what’s relevant to consumers in today’s world. You’ve likely seen some examples of this already, like top restaurants showing families gathered at home, enjoying their takeout rather than dining out.

The Feature-Benefit Marketing Approach

The feature-benefit style is a more common approach to sales and marketing. You advertise your products and services by describing the most important and appealing features of your products accompanied with the benefits they provide to your customers.

For example, “The dual ovens in our range allow you to cook multiple dishes at once even when they require differing temperatures and cooking methods, saving time and making cooking easier and more convenient to your busy schedule.” You tell your audient what the feature is — dual ovens — and how that benefits them — saves time and offers convenience.

This advertising method is still a viable option during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you may need to tweak some of your descriptions and ads to highlight new benefits that are more important to your customers as their preferences and concerns shift.

Example: The dual ovens in our range allow you to cook multiple dishes at once even when they require differing temperatures and cooking methods,

  • giving you more time to spend with your family and to help your kids with their remote learning assignments.
  • letting you try those new recipes you’ve been eyeing for more variety in your menu.

With a few adjustments like these, you give your audience more reasons to buy your wares and let them know that you are responsive to their evolving needs.

Getting the Message in Front of Consumer Eyes

If you need help revising your digital content and trying out new marketing approaches, reach out to our SEO team at Search Advantage Marketing. We can help you make changes that can elevate your business and get the word out with professional web design and experienced social media marketing.