Digital Marketing: It’s Personal Now

For the past few years, experts have encouraged companies to embrace personalization in digital marketing as a trend with real staying power. Customers aren’t just used to typical personalized ads that cater to their needs and preferences, but they’re coming to expect them. Some digital marketing experts have reported that as many as 80% of consumers claim they are more likely to transact business with a company that offers personalized experiences. Perhaps this isn’t shocking given the success of major industry disruptors like Netflix, which offers customers personalized viewing options, but it may seem more challenging for smaller companies that don’t have a Netflix marketing budget. Yet, even small businesses can personalize in their digital marketing campaign to attract and keep more customers.

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Personalization Promotes Brand Loyalty and Conversions

Getting the right messaging to the right customers has big payoffs for businesses. Personalization in digital marketing is linked to improved brand loyalty and increased sales. That translates into a positive ROI for companies willing to invest in resources that support personalization in their campaigns. Fortunately, even small businesses can embrace the personalization trend in the context of their own locality. The key is choosing resources that allow them to offer personalization at scale.

Yes! Personalization in Digital Marketing is Scalable

Many small businesses may believe that the kind of personalization that companies like Amazon can achieve just isn’t possible for them. Ignore the fact that Amazon is a global powerhouse. Instead, consider personalization on a smaller, local scale. Businesses can tailor their personalization campaigns to their geographic locality and still reap the benefits of improved brand loyalty and increased sales. Plus, just consider that personalization–the human touch–has always been the hallmark of small businesses. When companies like Amazon do it–it’s a bit of a put-on. Customers know that the ads they’re seeing come down to data and automation, but the ads are relevant nonetheless.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can also rely on data and automation on a smaller scale. Digital marketing agencies can help small businesses obtain data and create targeted, personalized online campaigns that are likely to appeal to their local audience.

Employ Retargeting Features on Your Website

An effective strategy for small businesses is to adopt retarget automation that will ‘remind’ website visitors about items they viewed or placed in their cart. Not every customer will complete a sale when they visit a business website. Yet, with software installed to this purpose, websites will remind buyers about past interests. The can lead to a substantial increase in sales.

Personalized Offers

Businesses are also using highly personalized emails to market to customers. If a customer purchases a book, a follow-up email could include personalized book options that are similar in genre to the purchased item. This is the same principle on which Netflix bases its customized platform: “if you liked this, we think you might like these items too.” It’s a winning strategy for both the business and the customer who appreciates this type of personalized information.

Personalized Ads

Of course, businesses can also launch personalized ad campaigns on Google and the major social networks. Today, businesses can create highly targeted campaigns with personalized content that’s likely to appeal to their local audience. With analytics, businesses can track the success of their campaigns so they know what ads work best for their products of services.

Companies large and small are struggling to get personalization strategies in place in their digital marketing campaigns. Yet, even small businesses making small investments in digital marketing tools can enjoy its benefits and experience an increase in business. Talk to Search Advantage Marketing to add more personalization in your digital marketing strategies.