Reach Consumers During Coronavirus with Responsible Marketing

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every facet of American life. As a business owner, CEO, or corporate marketer, you may be struggling with how to proceed in the current environment. You may even be reluctant to market your business while the Nation struggles with this crisis. But now is an excellent time to reach out to your customers and consumers who may need your goods and services. Just understand that it’s imperative to strike the right tone.

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How are consumer behaviors shifting due to social distancing?

A recent study by the Nielsen Company analyzed how the pandemic and efforts to minimize spread of the virus is impacting consumer behaviors. Six patterns are emerging.

  1. A focus on wellness and health-related goods
  2. Increased purchase of virus containment and public safety products
  3. Stockpiling pantry items
  4. Shift to more online purchasing
  5. More needs-based buying versus desire and lifestyle purchases
  6. Shift to more permanent patterns as restrictions are lifted

Most Americans have moved through the first three phases. Health and wellness was already a big factor, so the move there was quick. The media and federal and state administrations began touting social distancing and safer hygiene practices soon after the virus hit U.S. soil. This led to early reactive buying of masks, gloves, antibiotic wipes, hand sanitizers, and sprays.

Once the government had implemented shut down measures and encouraged self-isolation, #3 exploded. The resulting shortfalls in supply has now led Americans to #4. As the pandemic plays out, consumers continue to move towards more online shopping and lessened store visits. Even when things return to a new normal, residual patterns from these restrictive shopping behaviors will linger long after the virus is gone. These are the areas where you must reach out to your customers and provide solutions for them.

How can digital marketing addressing new consumer behaviors?

Now is the time to shine as a leader in your industry and in your community. Take affirmative, positive action, be transformative, and deliver a message of confidence, authority, and empathy. In this way, your business can continue to thrive and help your customers while doing so. You can accomplish these goals through a variety of digital marketing tools.

Social media is one of the tools poised to play a pivotal role in the ongoing challenges we face with the pandemic. You can give your company a face and make it more relatable with a sensitive and responsive social media outreach. It’s also a good medium to spread information about how your business is helping your workers and the community.

With a growing number of consumers turning to the internet over brick-and-mortar options, it’s a good time to invest in online advertising. While there will be more customers online, there is likely to be more competition, too. Other businesses are boosting their online presence to meet the current consumer needs. Turn to experienced PPC management to help you stand out.

Developing an SEO website or improving on an existing site is another smart strategy. Give your audience alternatives to in-person shopping. Ensure they can find you online with search engine optimization strategies. And help them find the information they want about you, your products, services, and company with a user-friendly website.

Start now. Request our personalized website SEO audit to learn what type of message your business is currently delivering. This will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. That way you can make effective changes right away during this quickly evolving environment.