Responsive Marketing Means Being Timely and Flexible

Welcome back to our blog series on how to market your business responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In our overview, we talked about shifting consumer behaviors and how digital marketing can address these moves. In Part 1, we focused on company messaging and tone. As events, responses and mitigation efforts continue to evolve, it’s a good time to look at whether your business is providing responsive marketing that is timely and flexible in an environment of rapid change.

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Evolving Coronavirus Safety Measures

At the outset of national efforts to fight this virus, copious hand washing and social distancing were touted. Soon after, many individual states began implementing stay-at-home orders and closing down or limiting the operations for businesses they deemed non-essential. By early April, the government began urging Americans to wear “non-medical” face masks.

Each of these measures has had severe impacts on families, individuals, workers, businesses, and various organizations. People are reacting to COVID-19 safety measures in different ways. Most Americans recognize the need for decisive action and are doing their best to comply. But the stay home requirements are isolating and tough to sustain. Supportive ideas and uplifting messaging is a good approach here.

Business shut-downs and slow-downs have left millions of workers with little to no income. Unemployment benefits are delayed or denied for millions of workers. Even those receiving payments are still only seeing a percentage of their work wages. The fear of spreading the virus versus the need to generate income presents distressing conflicts. Be sensitive to the resulting consumer apprehension and the financial impact these shutdowns have on families.

Despite these challenges and fears, Americans are demonstrating how adversity makes this nation stronger. They’re designing and using homemade face covers. Many groups across the U.S. are helping the homeless and feeding hungry families. And as a nation, we’re recognizing the heroic efforts of healthcare workers, first responders and others on the front lines of this crisis. Pride, unity and cheering on our indomitable spirit are key messaging points here.

These are some of the mindsets, considerations and approaches you can incorporate into your business messaging and branding. Choosing the right tools for delivery allows you to adjust these efforts as needed.

Your Business’s Response to the Evolving Pandemic

Your marketing must be flexible, timely and responsive. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to pivot when necessary. The ability to be this responsive is one of the many advantages of digital marketing.

SEO Website Design

With cutting edge website design, making format and content changes should be simple. Add pop-up boxes with vital information about your company’s new cleaning policies. Create highlighted areas or a special page informing the public of what you’re doing to help keep consumers safe and support community efforts to help others.

Content Marketing

Create new online content for your website, blog and social media accounts to reflect changes inside and outside your business. For blogs, choose topics that are responsive to current consumer needs due to the pandemic. Note that they don’t have to be solely focused on the pandemic. For example, if you’re a small local grocer, have your content team draft a blog with helpful information for families eating at home — “Feeding a Family of 4 on a Budget” or “Top 5 Tasty Entrees You can Make for less than $5 a Serving”.

Social Media

This continues to be a highly flexible and cost-effective means of communication for your business. Provide updates to your customers, expand your audience and advertise the new content you’ve created to attract readers and viewers.

Need help applying these tips, delivering your message or utilizing available digital marketing tools? Search Advantage Marketing has you covered. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more about how you can be flexible and timely with your responsive marketing.