What is the Role of Social Media in Business?

Social media has gone far beyond the early days of connecting with friends on MySpace. Today, social media is a robust infrastructure all its own, serving as a way for users to create and maintain social ties, share interests and activities, and, of course, connect with businesses.

It’s common for companies to create social media pages to promote interaction with their operations, attract a following, and advertise products and services. 

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However, some companies just go through the motions because they assume it’s something they’re supposed to do without truly understanding the benefits available when social media is properly employed. This is what you need to know about the real role of social media in business.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

Historically, there has been a large divide between companies and their customers. However, social media has closed this gap, creating a connection that never before existed. Customers can message companies directly, share thoughts and ideas, leave reviews, and more. This gives companies a unique opportunity to build a brand and develop relationships in a way that builds customer trust and loyalty. Serving as a better platform to share information, answer customer questions, and offer perks and benefits, social media is a big component of digital marketing success.

How Does Social Media Boost Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness refers to the visibility a brand has within its marketplace – and there’s no better way to accomplish this than via social media. With so many platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube) and millions of users across all of them, brands can put themselves in front of target audiences in dynamic and variable ways. As follower counts grow, how often posts are liked and shared grows as well, continuing to expand reach and increase awareness.

Does Social Media Drive Traffic?

Social media is a great source of information, offering fans and followers a high-level look at what a company has to offer, how they position themselves, and what they have to say to the public. However, this information is often far more limited than what is available on a company’s website or blog. As such, this leads to enhanced click-throughs to websites as customers get more involved in company research. Sharing blog posts can also draw attention; a compelling title can draw reader interest.

How Does Social Media Support Advertising?

While large scale ad campaigns, like radio and television spots, still play a role in advertising, there are far better ways to maximize budget and enhance campaign effectiveness. Social media is an extremely valuable outlet for marketing, offering a way to target specific demographics. Companies can choose everything from age and gender to geographical location and page likes to ensure the right eyeballs see promoted marketing material – and all without a significant investment.

Is Social Media Important for Customer Service?

In a world dominated by on-demand access to goods and services, customers expect information at the speed of light. Social media allows for an accelerated avenue for customer service, with messenger features that go above and beyond traditional avenues, like email. Easier and more convenient than phone calls or filling out contact forms, social media allows customers to make contact and get the feedback they need faster than ever.

Social media is a must-have for modern businesses, providing extensive benefits at a low cost. From simple access to information to quick and convenient customer communications, the role of social media in business can’t be ignored.

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