Why You Need Routine SEO Checkups for Ongoing Top Performance

You have a business website that you believe is delivering a good user experience (UX). You’re creating content with keywords, meta tags, and authoritative links. You may even have some pay-per-click ads. You’re invested in SEO web design to help with your marketing efforts. But how do you know if your efforts are paying off? An SEO checkup can provide you with the information you need. 

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What is an SEO Checkup?

These SEO checkups are regular maintenance tasks that are necessary for ongoing website efficiency. Remember, you need your website to perform well and meet strict criteria to ensure top rankings in search results. SEO checkups measure performance, analytics, efficiency, and other working metrics. They identify errors, broken links, missing features, and other key issues that can push your website down off of page one in searches. Your website SEO checkup tells you what’s working well, what needs fixing, and where you need to focus the most with your website digital marketing strategies.

What does an SEO Checkup Measure?

A comprehensive SEO checkup reviews and measures many different areas of your website and its functions. Review our glossary if you want a quick overview of relevant terms. Here is a partial list of some of the features your checkup may be analyzing.

  • Meta titles and descriptions — These tags are important for your SERPs.
  • Keywords — Proper selection and usage are essential for online marketing success.
  • Competitor domains — See how your site measures up to your competitors.
  • Site mechanics — Robots.txt and a sitemap file are among the mechanics necessary to search engine crawlers.
  • Broken links — Broken and dead links give visitors poor UX. Your checkup needs to review these and other site design features.
  • URL formats — Are your page urls SEO-friendly? They should include important keywords and hyphens instead of underscores.
  • Google Analytics — Do you have this tool set up to analyze site traffic?
  • Backlinks — External links should be relevant and from authority sites.
  • JavaScript — Are JavaScript errors dragging your pages down and sending users away?
  • Social media — You should give your visitors easy access to your social media accounts and links to post on theirs directly from your site.
  • Speed optimization tests — How fast do your website and individual page load? Compare it to the average to determine whether this needs attention.
  • Server and security — Your site needs to use HTTPS for secure Internet protocol and there should be no suspicious activity reports, like phishing or malware.
  • Responsiveness — Mobile usability is key. Ensure your website and design is functional and appears properly on all screen sizes.

Speak with your SEO checkup expert to better understand which tests will be performed and how they impact your website’s overall performance.

How can an SEO Checkup help my company?

Regular maintenance isn’t just for appliances, and medical checkups aren’t only necessary for your sustained health and well being. The same principles apply to the “health” of your website. If it’s not performing as designed, your marketing efforts will suffer. Search engines won’t direct visitors to your site and those who do arrive will leave unhappy. This translates to fewer sales and failed marketing strategies.

With routine checkups, you can identify and fix problems. Targeted “repair” optimizes your marketing dollars, too. So, you concentrate on areas that have the most impact. Talk to our experienced SEO experts to request an SEO checkup for your company website or complete our online form to request an SEO checkup.