How to Maximize 2020 Social Media Trends for Better Consumer Connections

Social media continues to be a viable marketing tool in 2020. But, it’s also still an elusive medium to measure for effectiveness. Businesses chase “likes”, “re-posts”, “feedback”, and “comments”. But those forms of customer engagement on social media don’t necessarily translate to ROI or even brand loyalty. Consumers can be demanding and fickle. So, what’s the point? Is it still important to determine social media trends in 2020? Yes, of course. As a business owner, you need help with staying in the know of where your customers are hanging out.

Connection and community are some of the biggest reasons to use social media marketing for your business. By humanizing your brand, you invite customers to get to know you on a personal level. That’s the approach that can drive more loyalty. So, take a few moments to learn what’s happening in social media in 2020, so you can better utilize these platforms with a people-centric approach.

How can you deliver better customer experience (CX) on social media?

When a customer contacts you on a social media platform, you need to deliver quickly. Complaints are likely to be a big motivator for these communications. Be immediate in your response and give them the customer service they’re looking for. Be sure to behave consistently across all channels and mediums. Remember, others are watching.

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Is influencer marketing still big?

This trend is still going strong. So, take advantage of it with the most apt partnerships. Choose influencers that vibe with your brand and your message. Stick with authenticity and as much personalization as possible.

What about micro-influencers?

The popularity of micro-influencers is booming, and their engagement metrics are consistently higher than those of celebrity influencers. Here is yet one more area where consumers are more responsive to relatable personalities — even peers. These influential pros have at least 1,000 followers, but no more than 1 million. Those with around 100,000 followers seem to deliver the highest impact. Choose micro-influencers from that range who know your industry, products, and services.

How does social help in brand storytelling?

Short videos, ephemeral content, and imagery are instrumental in storytelling. These mediums are perfect for most social media platforms. And users share the content that they enjoy, relate to, or respond to in both positive and negative ways. Stick with your branding and tell stories that represent your business, your team, and your interests. Help your audience get to know you with these tools. Give them a reason to interact.

Are “Likes” on their way out?

Instagram shook things up recently in a trial rollout that hides likes. The platform says their goal is to get back to sharing and storytelling. Facebook is playing with the idea, too. Time will tell whether this new approach is successful. But it falls in line nicely with brand storytelling and using social media to humanize your business. So, get on board.

Should you use emojis?

Social platforms keep adding new emojis. Users like them and quickly adapt to these new additions. So, you need to find a way to incorporate them. But only when the message calls for it. Don’t force it. They should complement the post — they’re not the main attraction. Add them to interject personality, emotion, humor, or pathos. Don’t overdo it. Try to be as natural as possible. And once again, be sure they mesh with your brand messaging.

What’s happening with TikTok?

No list of 2020 social media trends would be complete without the inclusion of new kid on the block, TikTok. This app is nipping at Instagram’s heels. It’s a big hit with users in their 20’s and younger, and it has nearly 750 million users. If your target audience includes Gen Z, you may want to add TikTok to your social media portfolio.

Capitalize on these 2020 social media trends and find other commercial roles for social media. Develop a social media marketing strategy that plays to your company’s strengths. Humanize your business on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms that fit your industry and business. Reach out to Search Advantage for skilled social media marketing guidance.