What is SEO Content Writing?

You hear a lot about the importance of writing high quality, fresh content for your website so the search engines will find your site and users will find your content engaging and want to do business with you. But, what has happened to search engine optimized (SEO) content writing? Is this still important? In a nutshell, yes.

Think about it this way — you write all this great content and put it up on your website, but if the search engines can’t find it, new customers will not come to your website.

writing SEO content

So what is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is: 

  1. ensuring your content is focused on one keyword topic so Google doesn’t get confused
  2. written to create a good user experience so people will want to read more, thereby,
  3. increasing your website’s authority which encourages Google to increase the ranking of your website in the search results.  

SEO content writing is not writing articles for the sake of getting as much content on your website as you can. If the content is not written with SEO in mind, it will just sit on your website without beckoning people who do not know your brand — it just won’t rank in search engines. There’s too much competition. 

Why is good SEO content important?

Google’s main goal is to create a good user experience; in fact, Google’s algorithm and employees will scour the internet to find websites that create the best user experience to display on the first page of search results. If your content is written exclusively to rank in Google search, that means you are probably doing old school SEO which entails keyword stuffing. While keyword density was used for increasing search rankings, Google’s algorithm is much more sophisticated now with its AI (artificial intelligence) component that understands the intent of web content. In fact, it understands the content’s intent so well that often Google will rank pages that don’t even have that particular keyword in it, but have only the intent of the keyword.

What is today’s definition of SEO content writing?

Since Google’s algorithm is all about providing the best user experience possible, today, your content must be, as stated in the introduction:

  1. keyword rich, but not spammy 
  2. laser-focused on one topic
  3. written to create a good user experience

Number 1. Content That is Keyword Rich, But Not Spammy

Spammy websites are pretty much a thing of the past. We don’t see these websites in Google search as often as we did several years ago because search engines degrade those sites. In today’s AI environment, you want to provide useful content so once your users click on your link in the search engines, your website clearly conveys exactly what they were expecting to find instantly. 

SEO content writing entails keyword richness – conveying that one topic by using a variety of synonyms and variations of the topic, but still writing content that is focused so Google does not miss the topic you want to convey. This takes talent. 

Your content writing goal for search engine optimization today is to understand how to communicate with Google’s algorithm while at the same time communicating effectively with your users. If your blog post is keyword rich to rank well in Google search, but is written in a way that is distracting to your users, people will arrive on your webpage, take 3 seconds to see that the content can’t be understood, and bounce off your page creating a totally ineffective blog post.

Number 2. Be Laser Focused on One Topic

By strategically inserting your keywords into your content, you will become effective in both areas: appeasing Google’s algorithm and creating a good user experience. 

I still recommend one primary keyword with good search volume for each important page on your website showing people are interested in this topic. By placing these carefully researched keywords in strategic locations within the content and tags, your web page will rank well. Google wants to see that your content is focused on one topic and that it is naturally written.

Most important to remember — DON’T MIX TOPICS — focus each page on only one keyword topic and place the keyword strategically within the content.

Number 3: Write to Create a Good User Experience

As you undertake the task of SEO writing content, some writers recommend that you write the content in a friendly, naturally speaking voice without trying to force keywords into the content. A good way to write naturally is to use your speech-to-text app on your mobile device. 

Other writers recommend that you write with the keyword in mind, but again not forcing it. And then there are other writers that say to insert the keyword as you go so that you make sure the content is keyword rich. 

It’s really up to your individual style. Generally I like to let the keyword flow freely within the content so I get all my ideas down without forcing the keyword into the content while I’m writing. And then I go back and insert variation and synonyms as appropriate. Search Advantage’s strong writers understand the underlying SEO content writing strategy. We will get your website ranking high in Google search. Add to this our content marketing focus and social media marketing to increase brand awareness and your business will have a winning strategy for online marketing. Contact us today.