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Let Search Advantage Marketing Create a Customized Website SEO Audit to Find the Issues for Why Your Website Doesn’t Attract More Customers

Receive a personalized website SEO audit to show you issues that may be impeding your website’s ability to achieve high rankings for a variety of terms in Google search. Our SEO specialist, Susan Gullion, is a recognized SEO leader with over 10 years experience of getting exceptional results for our clients.

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Website SEO Audit Introduction

Get a Website SEO Audit Customized for Your Website

Our Search Advantage Marketing team will evaluate your website and provide personalized insight into how effective your site is as a lead magnet to attract new customers. 

Specifically, we will provide the following information: 

  • your website’s current keyword rankings in Google Search, both locally and nationally
  • keyword rankings comparison of your website to your competitor websites
  • review the keyword SEO of every important page (homepage, services page, etc.) on your site
  • conduct a technical audit and provide technical optimization recommendations that can be implemented by your programmer
  • backlink analysis (are they valuable in building authority to your website?)
  • analysis of your website’s current content and where you can improve

Click the button to complete the audit form and include the following information:

  1. your three top competitors’ website URLs
  2. the keywords you believe you should be seeing top rankings for in Google search

We will also provide our thorough expert website SEO audit recommendations on how to improve your site’s ranking potential and to drive more traffic to your website within 24 hours. 

Your cost for this personalized thorough website SEO audit is $149.00. This type of detailed website audit is often sold for $1,250.

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Let Us Create an Informative Website SEO Audit for Your Site

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