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Nothing says more about your business than your content marketing. Every word you write on your website, every sentence on your blog, and even the ways in which you phrase your calls-to-action tell a story about your business – who you are, why you’re the best possible choice, and what sets you apart from the rest.

Whether you are working to establish a presence online or wish to embellish or improve the content you’ve already published, Search Advantage Marketing can help you craft perfect content that speaks to your brand identity and the impression you wish to project online.


A Customized Approach to Content

The online world is competitive. With billions of sites worldwide, creating a way to position yourself on top isn’t easy. Most small businesses know that high quality content is crucial, making the current search engine landscape more cutthroat than ever before. That’s where S.A.M. comes in.

No two businesses are the same, and no two businesses have the same content marketing needs. Instead of creating something generic that checks the right search engine optimization boxes but fails to speak to your brand, we’ll be your partner in creative compelling content, working with you to identify your brand, your business objectives, and the message you want to send.

We can identify key demographics, create customer personas, and help you develop a clear voice that ensures your business will stand out. Your content is the best chance you have to make a first impression, and we want to provide the strongest foundation possible for building customer trust and respect.

Comprehensive Content

A great home page means nothing if your internal pages aren’t up to par, and stellar blog posts can only go so far if your product descriptions are lacking. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to content, covering all of your bases to provide everything necessary for a winning approach. Search Advantage Marketing’s content marketing services incorporate proven strategies for success in the SERPs, including:

  • Keyword research to find the best fit for your industry and company
  • Natural integration of keywords and key phrases
  • Linking techniques within your site and to legitimate external sources
  • Use of meta tags: Meta titles and meta descriptions for competitive search engine results
  • Use of title tags for links and image
  • Creative and interesting blog posts to build your identity as a trusted professional resource

High quality product descriptions that add value

One Time or All the Time

We know that content needs can vary, so we offer different package options to make sure yours are met.

Do you want us to build a great web presence and then hand the reins over to you? Not a problem. Our one-time content creation services can set you up with a high quality website and a solid base for your blog, creating a presence that resonates while teaching you best practices to guarantee ongoing success.

If you’re not comfortable with your own content creation abilities, we can continue serving as your point person for all things content marketing. We’ll write your blog posts, keep your web content up-to-date, and make ongoing improvements based on the shifting state of Google’s algorithms for a website that always ranks well.

It’s impossible to build a web presence without great content. Every little detail counts, from the keywords you choose to the topics of your blog posts. With professional assistance, you can be sure your content will always exceed expectations.

Ready to take your content marketing to the next level? Contact Search Advantage Marketing today to explore what we can do for you. 

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