Use Social Media to Help Grow Your Business

Social media marketing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram has revolutionized the way we stay in touch with our business customers and clients. At Search Advantage Marketing, we find that social media is now an essential piece of your business marketing strategy whether you are a small local shop or a big national company.

With social media, your customers can easily learn about the happenings inside your business, get all the trending news of interest, and be aware of upcoming community and business activities.

Social media also supports targeted advertising. Review pertinent demographics to develop ads that resonate and help attract business for top impact and excellent ROI.

Here are 5 Top Reasons you should invest in social media:

1. Build brand awareness

There are many ways to harness the power of social media to help spread awareness of your brand. Use content, blogs or newsletters, videos, infographics and images to establish your brand. Spread the message on social media. The use of influencers can help with these efforts, as well.

Be sure that social listening is part of your social media marketing toolkit. You’ll want to monitor your platforms for mentions of your brand. These alerts help you engage with interested audience members and mitigate damage when a negative comment about your company hits social media.

2. Establish authenticity and connect to your community

Show them the human side of your business. Let your personality and voice shine through. Consumers prefer doing business with a company that has a human component. They want to know you and what you stand for and believe in.

Social media postings give you the chance to brag, be funny, share interests, and reveal what makes you and your business stand out from the pack. Different platforms do require different tones. We can help you identify the ones that best support your industry and personality. Our team will also develop a personalized email posting strategy that reflects your unique personality.

3. Be a Thought Leader in your industry

When a consumer is looking for any of the goods or services you offer, you want them to come to you. You can support that effort by establishing yourself as an authority and a thought leader in your industry or business niche. You can accomplish this by both creating your own great content and sharing relevant content from others. The key is proving valuable, useful information to your audience.

4. Engage with customers

Customer engagement helps encourage sales, referrals and repeat business. Give your audience reasons to interact with you. Social media supports many avenues of engagement. It lets you invite conversation on interesting and challenging topics. You can create fun quizzes, surveys and polls to encourage interactivity.

Contests, giveaways and promotions are excellent ways to get your social media audience involved. Our experts are creatives who enjoy brainstorming new ways to spur engagement and boost social media involvement. We tailor our strategies to your industry and your specific business.

5. Improve customer support

Convert customers into raving fans with excellent customer service. Answer complaints, deal with issues and respond to business- or company-related comments on social media. This medium allows customers to interact with your business in real-time. It’s a great opportunity to wow them. Respond quickly and deliver solutions. Rapid replies should be the case for all interactions – negative, positive or neutral. Professionally monitored social media gives you this vital ability.

You can gather invaluable feedback from your customers on social media. We help you use this information to both address customer service issues and develop winning strategies moving forward.

Search Advantage Marketing offers several packages to help you become involved with your community. Our experts have had years of experience in engaging and supporting your customers.

Our Social Media Packages include, but are Not Limited to:

  • Community Building
  • Regularly Scheduled, Relevant, Engaging Content
  • Custom, Branded Content Creation
  • Growth of New Followers
  • Targeted Ads
  • Custom Ad Creation
  • Event Promotion

To learn more about our social media marketing packages for business, please call us at 706-431-3234 or contact Search Advantage Marketing online. All packages can be customized to meet your needs.

Start Attracting More Customers to Your Business Today!

Search Advantage Marketing uses digital marketing to bring new customers to you. Call us at 706-431-3234 or click the button below to email us now!

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Start Attracting More Customers to Your Business Today!

Search Advantage Marketing uses digital marketing to bring new customers to you. Call us at 706-431-3234 or click the button below to email us now!

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